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Collection Event

Special Pricing Until March 28,2021

It's An Event!

From now until  Sunday, March 28, 2021  we’re offering special pricing on The Lake House Collection of slipcovered furniture. 

10% off on sofas, sectionals & chaises and 15% off swivel chairs. 
And, if you already have a piece from The Lake House Collection, we’d like to offer you 20% off if you want to change up your slipcover. 

10% off on sofas, sectionals & chaises and 15% off swivel chairs

Morning coffee, movie night, evenings spent entertaining, your furniture is on your lifestyle  journey with you. That gets messy from time to time when you’re having fun. Sometimes you’ll want to change things up a bit for new or seasonal energy. And every so often you’ll want to have  everything clean and fresh. 

The wide range of style and  functional benefits are why  The Lake House Collection of  slipcovered furniture is such a great choice. It’s like clothing for your furniture, you can take it off, wash it at home and put it back on, with ease. And down the road you can always have some fun by adding to your furnitures  wardrobe. 

Here’s How it Works

First, we work with you to choose the base piece of furniture. You may want a sofa, a chair, a sectional, a chaise, an ottoman or a combination of those items. You may want to change up the firmness or softness of the fill or you may want to look at the sizing and seating configuration options. 

Once those decisions are made we work with you to choose a fabric that is well suited to both your design style as well as the  practicality of your lifestyle. 

Once ordered, each piece is made to order and when the furniture  arrives we work with you to schedule a delivery to your home or cottage or a pickup at our store.

We keep your style choices on file so that in future years when you want to change up your look with a new slipcover, the details are close at hand. 

Slip Cover Benefits

If the dog jumps on your sofa or your little one (or big one) spills their juice, you can just take off the slipcover and wash it. (Or dry clean depending on fabric choice.)

Want to change the vibe in your room? Just change up the slipcovers. 

Dreaming of a breezy look for spring & summer and a cozier look for fall & winter? Get two sets of slipcovers and change them with the time of year. 

Feel good about the environment, you are replacing slipcovers rather than disposing of full pieces of furniture. We affectionately call it ‘forever furniture.’

There’s a variety of fabric options to suit any design style, lifestyle and space. 

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