Waffle Hand Towel - Natural

Waffle Hand Towel - Natural

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It was love at first sight for us with these linen waffle towels, they are pure luxury. Soft to the touch, yet incredibly strong and extremely absorbent. 
And, if storage space is on your mind these sweeties are the solution taking up about half the space of their equally lovely terry sisters. 
Confession: We love the look of these towels so much we like to leave a little neatly folded pile out on display in our washroom, it gives it that spa feel. 

A strong natural fibre, linen is a resilient species that can grow in poor soils with natural rain water. As a zero waste crop, the entire plant is used during the harvest. And, linen fibres are highly absorbent, their hollow fibres take in water quickly and dry up just as fast. 
One of the strongest of natural materials, this fantastic fibre will last for seasons upon seasons, a timeless and helpful friend within your home. 

100% Linen
The Cottage Chic Collection 

Machine wash cool with like colours. Hang dry or tumble dry low. 

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